Little Washington, Virginia

Not much can be said of Little Washington, Virginia that has not been said yet.  This place has to be one of the tourist wonders of the world, but not for the reasons you would think.  You see, the entire town is quite small and extremely low-keyed, and if it were not for its most famous (and only?) landmark, perhaps not too many people would be driving hundreds of miles to get there.  Did I say driving?  Well, how about charting a helicopter to get there.  No problem.  And what is this great magnet that brings the power brokers from DC and moguls from cities like New York and beyond to spend like they were in Vegas?  Well, none other than the world-famous Inn of Little Washington (see photo above).  Of course, not that I would know, but from what I’ve heard from some people who spent part of their 401K’s there, the Inn continues to redefine class and the gentrified country life.  Maybe someday.  Maybe.

But if a weekend tour of the Rappahannock area is what you are after, then Little Washington is an ideal base camp form where to venture out in every direction.  With its many Bed & Breakfast Inns you will not have any problems finding a place to crash for the night.  Of course, dining out is pretty much all the nightlife you will normally find in town, but with the many wineries just a few miles from the town, you may not miss those wild late-night parties after all. Besides, it you really want to enjoy the beauty of this great part of Virginia, drive a few miles down the nearby Gidbrown Hollow Road and to one of the great hiking trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains: the Little Devil’s Steps.  Or head on down the small community of Sperryville, where you’ll be able to purchase antique tables made daily and marvel at the flavors of the locally-produced apple butter.  This is civilized country living at its best.

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