Vintage Crystal City Wine & Food Festival, Arlington, Virginia

The middle of September in Virginia usually means that it is time to begin saying our goodbyes to the hot summer months while enjoying the many wine festivals in the area.  These days it seems like everyone has a festival, specially since there is no requirement that you actually grow grapes in the area.  Here in Arlington, Virginia, one of the new festivals in the area is the Vintage Cristal City wine and food festival, which while it hasn’t been around for long, this year attracted quite a crowd.  However, with the many great restaurants in the area dropping by to let us sample some of their delectable dishes, this particular festival is really more about food than it is about wine.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of wine there, but the long lines at every one of those tents had more to do with the paellas, steaks, tuna, and meatballs than with that old nectar of the Gods.  But this may also have something to do with the young crowd that showed up in droves, because if memory serves me right, youth has always been synonymous with constant hunger.  Admittedly, though, that king-sized paella put together by the folks at Jaleo was hard to resist, and there was plenty of juice to wash it down with.  The best $20 I’ve spent on a long time.