Hi there.  This photo blog is predicated on the notion that there are thousands of places and events around the world that are never recorded for everyone to see.  Of course, many of these do get recorded by major press and magazine outlets around the world, so I’m not so interested in duplicating   what is already there, which generally speaking is quite good.  My intent is somewhat more limited than that, but also more granular, for lack of better word.  Remember those places you visited while traveling around the America, Europe, Asia, or wherever?  Well, your eyes got to see a lot, but most of it went unrecorded and now lives quietly inside your brain.  Some of these were far-away neighborhoods where you had a great experience, small galleries in France with out-of-this-world art, or those nondescript side-streets where you found that great family restaurant in Florence.  After more than a couple of decades traveling around the world, I have also had too many of those unrecorded experiences.  It is all everyday stuff, but everyday stuff of the kind that contributes to the great mosaic in our heads we refer to as memories.

So this is the great goal of WhereaboutsPhoto.com: to record and share with you the visual experiences of a world traveler.  And what will be the fuel for this visual journey?  Simply put, the notion that we must overcome the misconception that life will always afford us an opportunity to act our dreams in the future.  Our tomorrow must start today, and if the unpredictable confronts us at some unforeseen turn, then let it find us out there on the road, out there where we turn our dreams into reality and where the sounds and rhythms of life are the stuff of our everyday existence and not the distant hope of an ever-receding future.

See you out there… Eric Segarra


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  1. I only looked at your photos because they came
    up on Google’s Warrenton search. I am so glad
    I did! They are wonderful. Middleburg never
    looked so good! I only wish you had come a
    few doors up Main Street in Warrenton so you
    could have taken my picture. Jimmie’s Market,
    22 Main Street. Hope to see you next visit.

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