Fish Market, DC

Think that Washington, DC is all about government and cocktail party princesses?  Well, think again.  Not far from the power lunch joints in Congress lies the small fish market where politicos and common folks can mingle, even if it is for the time it takes to buy some Bay Area crabs or some Texas shrimp (yes, one vendor actually told me they get their shrimp from Texas).  This is a typical fish market, so if you happen to head on down to this Maine Ave institution, be ready for some pronounced fish smell, some yelling, loud music, but lots of friendly people.  From a photography point of view, this is a little-known paradise.  The best thing is that no one seems to mind much if you take his or her picture, but like people anywhere, they do respond to a photographer’s courtesy and friendliness.  This comes easy, though, because there’s plenty to talk about when you can’t recognize half the fish you see there on any given day.  How many types of shrimp are there?  Parking is also very good, but do take coins because it is all meter-based.  Oh, and if you plan to buy some fish for that great dinner party, I would suggest you pack a cooler with ice.  Then again, if you are there to take pictures, fish oil may be the last thing you want on your fingers.