A Relic Of The Past: Coloso Sugar Mill, Puerto Rico

The decaying skeleton of the former sugar mill is a remnant of what once was a thriving sugar industry in Puerto Rico.
The inside of the Coloso factory is replete with decaying machinery and endless infrastructure perils.
Treacherous and decaying infrastructure exist both inside and outside the factory.

This is a spooky place, to say the least.  The once famous Coloso sugar mill near the towns of Aguada and Aguadilla on the west coast of Puerto Rico has become an eerie and dangerous relic of a former century.  The place is huge and sits there, abandoned and upright, as if to remind everyone that Puerto Rico once had a big and vibrant sugar industry.  Long gone are the sun-drenched laborers who hoarded tons of local sugarcane from the local plantations.  In their place now you will find an incredible amount of scary dogs that have made the old mill their home.  They are everywhere, and will chase you down just about everywhere you go.  I literally had to wait inside my car for them to get bored and walk away before I could venture outside and into the deep vowels of this magnificent monstrosity.  Once they spotted me outside, they all came running back, forcing me to dash into my rental car to wait them out again.  We played this game for a while, but I did manage to spend enough time outside by hiding inside the structure where they could not see me.

This place would make the perfect haunted house!  The wind howls endlessly inside and strange noises constantly force you to take your eyes off your camera.  Inside, the place is dark and riddled with iron stairs leading to seemingly inhospitable places.  What is more, everywhere you looked there were physical hazards.  Abandoned machinery, metal trash, hanging pulleys, conveyor belts, and supposedly “empty” gas cylinders.  I couldn’t stop wondering whether existing antidotes would cover anything that I may encounter in there.  You also had this feeling that someone had been there before you, or worst still, may be there waiting for you.  The sole guardian of the facility informed me that several trespassers had died trying to circumnavigate the endless maze of metal stairs.  Of course, and for effect, he also mentioned that he had no idea where the noises came from.  That was enough information for me, so yours truly steered way clear of metal stairs and dark hallways.  After all, I didn’t want to get caught too far inside that metal trap when the hounds came around, and sure enough, they always did.