Another Way To The Restaurant

The less glamorous side of the restaurant business.  Leica M9,
The less glamorous side of the restaurant business. Leica M9, Summicron-M 50mm f/2.

Running a restaurant is not all Iron Chef stuff.  In fact, it is more of a complex mix of grunt work and logistics than the TV shows would lead all of us to believe.  To keep these mini-food factories going it takes a lot of supplies and a network of folks who will always be under-appreciated and underpaid.  Like in cruise ships, under all the glitter and fresh paint there is a complete underworld of people doing the grunt work of moving supplies, fixing machinery, and washing pots.  Not glamorous, but necessary.  When you think about it, this whole network of people diligently working from origin to table is really something amazing.  It is easy to miss too when we are looking at that menu while trying to decide between the Chilean Sea Bass and the Norwegian Crust Salmon.  A cursory look at a map will immediately tell us how far the waters from which the fish was plucked are rather far away, very far away.   Just the thought of how many people and resources it has taken for the fish to travel to our table in perfect condition is mind-bogling.  But even when we don’t know the route this delicious seafood takes before it gets to sit in front of us covered in butter sauce, I do know that at one of my favorite local restaurants the final leg of this maddening logistics journey is down the sidewalk doors depicted above.  And as long as that supply network keeps working the way it is, my days will have more to do with photography than with fishing poles.  And that’s a good thing.